Casa K’inich Childrens Museum

Since 2002 the Copan Maya Foundation has provided support for the Casa K’inich Childrens Museum a non governmental children’s museum; the only one of its kind located in close proximity to a Maya ruin. Casa K’inich has collaborated in numerous projects over the years including:

2011-2016 Guaras en Libertad, la Belleza Regresa” included an educational component which provided education to over 6000 youths in the Copan Valley and beyond on the importance of conserving the national bird of Honduras; the Scarlet Macaw. Because of this education the Scarlet Macaw now flies freely in the Copan Valley without risk of being trapped or killed; it is the only existing flock of Scarlet Macaws in such close proximity to a populated area.

2014-2015 “Museum Connect Community Garden Project” Casa K’inich partnered with the Monterey County Agricultural and Rural Life Museum in California for a bi continental gardening program which lasted for one year. Youths in Copan, Honduras and in Monterey, Califorina in the USA began gardens and maintained them through a harvest season. The youths shared their experiences through video conferencing; texting; and newsletters. Both museums had delegations which visited each country making this a one of a kind experience for those participating.

2011-2014 Proyecto Maya was taught in Copan area schools giving area youths education about their Maya Heritage.

2017 the Casa K’inich Teacher’s Guide was completely updated and re-written by Dr. Dorie Reents-Budet. The manual is free for the asking by writing At present it is only available in Spanish.

Because of Covid 19 the Museum has been shuttered with plans of a reopening in February, 2022 for its 20th anniversary celebration.