Guaras en Libertad, La Belleza Regresa

The Scarlet Macaw is the National Bird of Honduras and in 2011 an educational program funded by the Copan Maya Foundation was developed to teach adults and children how to protect it in the wild. As of 2018 over 6000 youths have participated in the program.  The program provides handout materials and culminates in an annual “Festival de la Guara Roja” or “Scarlet Macaw Festival” with children from area schools participating.  Educational modules on the conservation of the Scarlet Macaw are available free in PDF by clicking any of the links below.  At present they are only available in Spanish.


Education has changed current thinking of youths in the area from capturing and selling the birds to developing an appreciation for an ecosystem where the Scarlet Macaw can be free and not a pet.  The “Festival of Guaras” has become an  annual event in the local community.