Many Ways to Care

Honduras is one of the poorest and least developed countries in Latin America, but it possesses Copan, one of the most significant and beautiful Maya sites in the world. The Copan Maya Foundation offers many ways to make a real difference at the Copan site and make a positive impact on the lives of the people in Copan.

By making a contribution, you actively participate in this exciting field of discovery and help preserve a valuable part of Middle American history. Our board of directors, advisers and local staff provide expertise and efficiency for each and every project.

All contributions are tax-deductible and each contributor will be recognized on our website.  Please make your check out to “Copan Maya Foundation” and send it to

Copan Maya Foundation
P. O. Box 3044
Turlock, California 95381

Donor List

  • K’inich:
  • Zemurray Foundation
  • Dr. Dorie Reents-Budet and Ricardo Budet
  • Dr. Loa Traxler
  • Janice Van Cleve
  • Dr. Alison Stone
  • Kirk Pendelton/Sea Farms
  • George Martin
  • Douglas Moreland
  • Jim Watterson
  • Anthony Aguirre
  • Elizabeth Albano
  • James Barton
  • Carmen Budet
  • Rick Frehsee
  • F. Martin and Dorothy A. Johnson
  • Manuel Knight
  • Soule Leiter
  • Sheila MacDermott
  • William and Deborah McCanne
  • Ricardo Gutierrez Mouat
  • John D. Negroponte
  • Alan Snear
  • Frances Taft
  • Jeffrey Teague
  • Philip and Dorothy Tenkhoff
  • Mary Thomas
  • Laura & Doug Thornburg
  • Tomas Vilanova
  • Aerlyn Weissman
  • Jennifer Werle