Project to Save Rosalila

The Rosalila structure is finally getting the attention it has so desperately needed. The Copan Association has raised funds from the private sector in Honduras, however, because of the most recent emergencies in Honduras (Hurricanes Eta and Iota in 2020 as well as flooding in 2021) the private sector is now overwhelmed. Because the Copan Maya Foundation could provide funding this important project is ongoing. These resources, along with others received from the Honduran private sector, are being used primarily to help finance the scanning of the building using cutting edge Lidar technology as a necessary first step in a larger conservation program.

In March, 2021 a Mexican Conservation team of five experts traveled to Copan and worked on the Rosalila structure for several weeks.  Funding provided by the Copan Maya Foundation paid for materials, airline tickets, and housing.  The team was housed at Casa Sharer and was transported daily to the site of the Ancient Ruins of Copan to work on the Rosalila structure. 

In addition; the University of Nebraska Lincoln Scan Team arrived for the second time in June 2021 to continue the Lidar Scan work which was begun in January 2020. The University of Nebraska Lincoln Scan Team consists of three experts as well as their Lidar equipment. Additional materials and equipment were purchased to analyze the ongoing processing of Lidar scans currently being gathered.