Tourist Information

Entrance Fees to the Ancient Ruins of Copan are as follows:

Adults $17.00
Mayan Sculpture Museum $7.00
Jaguar Tunnels $15.00
Museum of Archaeology $3.00
Casa K’inich Children’s Learning Center TOTALLY FREE TO CHILDREN and Adults pay $1.25.

By Road: The Valley is spectacular when you travel by road.  For this reason Copan hosts many motor cycle rallies sponsored by BMW and Harley Davidson.

Flights: The following Airlines serve Honduras:

Continental Airlines
American Airlines
Taca Airlines
Delta Airlines
Copa Airlines


Bus Service: Several companies offer bus service from San Pedro Sula, Guatemala City, Tegucigalpa and La Ceiba.  Bus lines operating between San Pedro Sula and Copan include Hedman-Alas, Cassasola,  Hedman Alas also offers direct bus service from Antigua and Guatemala City, Guatemala.

For airplane, hotel and travel planning, contact the Honduran Institute of Tourism at 504 2222-2124 or log on to their web site at

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