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Copan Ruinas is without doubt the most charming and cosmopolitan village in Honduras. Located in the mountainous region of northwestern Honduras near the famous Maya ruins in the Copan Valley, this village of 10,000 has attracted archaeologists, students, and fascinated travelers from around the world since the 1840s. With its extraordinary ruins, delightful climate, picturesque valley, pine-covered mountains, and flowing rivers, Copan graciously welcomes worldly guests while retaining its cultural identity and a genuine feeling of community.

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Many great Maya sites are deep in the jungle or simply not near a modern town.  The location and existing infrastructure of Copan makes it an intelligent and reasonable choice to cultivate as a center for learning in the Maya world.

More than Ruins
The ancient Maya chose well when they built their city in this tranquil and elegant valley in the 400s. Today Copan is much more than a “visit to the ruins.” Comfortable hotels and guesthouses provide excellent accommodations and a welcome variety of cuisine can be found in small restaurants lining cobblestone streets. A wide range of options for cultural and eco-tourism are available in a safe and relaxed environment.


Live Scarlet Macaw visits a village school “Guaras en Libertad” is  a project funded by Copan Maya Foundation

Visit the ancient Maya sites or modern Chortí Maya villages, ride horses, tour the hot springs, spend the afternoon at a 100 year old hacienda or visit any of the three local museums or tour a high altitude coffee farm. The valley is becoming famous for its bird watching and hiking in remote valleys or swimming in clear mountain streams.  It is the only place in the world where an existing wild Scarlet Macaw population co-exists with a human population.  This is due mainly to education of the population which the Copan Maya Foundation has funded since 2011 when the conservation “Guaras en Libertad, La Belleza Regresa” was begun.  You can simply enjoy the charm of the adobe and tile cobble-stoned village. Whatever your particular interests, we are sure your time in Copan will leave you with fond memories. It was clearly a special place for the ancient Maya and remains a magical valley for modern travelers today.